SITECO is a leading contractor in geotechnical and civil engineering since 1999, specializing in the design and execution of geotechnical works, structure assessment and concrete repairs, post tensioning, bridge bearings, expansion joints and artificial rocks.

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Specialities & Contracting

SITECO has been involved in a wide range of civil engineering specialized projects including bridges, viaducts and tunnels, as well as residential and commercial structures, providing clients with services including design, feasibility study, cost control, technical assistance, rental of equipment and execution of works.

Our services include

  • Geotechnical works

    Soil investigation, soil improvement, foundation systems, temporary and permanent retaining structures for deep excavations including dewatering, shotcrete, grout injection, passive nails, permanent and temporary active anchors, micropiles, piles, diaphragm wall, geogrid reinforced soil (GRS).

  • Structure assessment & concrete repairs

    Structure assessment and strengthening, lifting of heavy structures, cracks injection, epoxy dowels, jacketing, carbon fiber, repair grip couplers, anti-fire protection, survey and monitoring, load test, pull test, coring…



  • Post tensioning

    Design, supply and installation of post tension components, stressing and grouting, rental of equipment.

  • Bridge bearings and expansion joints

    Design, supply and installation.